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Kreston Reeves Partners hear from CEO of ICAEW

Kreston Reeves Partners gathered for a meeting at Canary Wharf, London where they heard from the Chief Executive Officer of ICAEW, Michael Izza.

Michael Izza has been CEO at ICAEW since 2006 and in this time has undertaken an ambitious strategy to transform the Institute into an international professional accountancy body, headquartered in the UK. Michael is a regular media commentator on issues facing the profession and the business community internationally.

Michael presented to the Partners on changes that can be expected to occur in the accounting profession over the next ten years and focussed on important developments across a number of subjects, including;

  • advances in audit regulations
  • transitions in tax regimes
  • the increase in regulated services the Institute’s members can offer
  • the premium clients are prepared to pay for forward planning advice
  • the increasing niche focus by some firms on particular service lines and market sectors

Michael also discussed the potential for expansion for UK accountancy firms, both in terms of extending service offerings and exercising international reach.

Michael commented, “It is great to see Kreston Reeves always eager to take steps to keep abreast of issues affecting the accounting profession, right up to Partner level.”

Clive Stevens, Kreston Reeves’ Executive Chairman, commented, “As a firm we always strive to stay up to date with technical developments and current issues within the accounting profession and wider business community. Through harnessing the knowledge of industry leaders such as Michael Izza, Reeves are able to stay ahead of the curve and give the best quality advice to our valued clients and colleagues at all times.”

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