Paul Howson | Kreston Reeves


Chartered Financial Planner


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  • Chartered Financial Planner APFS
  • Full member of SOLLA – Society of Later Life Advisers


  • Long term care funding and advice for elderly clients.
  • Retirement options at retirement.
  • Pension technical advice

Further information

30 years with NatWest/RBS in financial services – moved to Kreston Reeves April 2006.

My time with Kreston Reeves has been a valuable career development. The firm has encouraged specialism and my involvement with many technical pension cases has been most rewarding. Since Pension A Day in April 2006, there have been significant changes to pension legislation and this has generated many enquiries especially from high net worth clients. These tend to involve concerns in respect of Lifetime and Annual allowances and interpretation and more recently in respect of the more flexible pension regulations launched in the 2014 Budget. It is always rewarding to advise those close to retirement. The numerous options frequently cause confusion and concern and many individuals value the involvement of a pension professional to advise at this important time.

My work with elderly clients is likewise extremely rewarding. I frequently advise on care fees management and habitually provide advice to both professional and lay Attorneys and Deputies often the sons and daughters of those in care. Having personal experience of being responsible for a close relative needing care, I know just how difficult these situations can be. Maintaining a rational and cool headed approach is not easy if you are emotionally involved.

I am also listed as an adviser on the UK Care Guide’s website here and on SOLLA's website here.

Personal interests

Music and dance – (guitar player and modern jive dancer).

The great outdoors – walking and bird watching. Not a twitcher! – just general interest in the natural world around us.