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Hellyar Plastics have been the UK’s leading independent compounder and distributor of thermoplastics for over fifty years. At their advanced production facilities in Whitstable, Kent, Hellyar apply their proven technical expertise to create unique formulations to meet the most rigorous customer requirements for plastic solutions.

Hellyar are ISO accredited and are not only able to meet precise end user specifications but are experts in the use of fillers and additive systems to optimise performance. If a highly heat resistant, extremely robust, anti-static plastic in a particular shade of purple is needed, Hellyar will develop the most appropriate solution for it. Their products are used for a wide variety of applications ranging from domestic appliances to specialist packaging materials and large outdoor installations. Distribution networks have been developed to facilitate rapid delivery not just in the UK and Ireland but across mainland Europe.

David Hellyar, Chairman of Hellyar Plastics explained, “We have built an international reputation for supplying top quality, dependable and repeatable solutions to meet very specific requirements for plastics. Our customers rely on us to provide full technical support and produce and deliver the best solution for them, whenever and wherever they need it.”

Commodity trading is a growing area for the business with demand in Europe for products produced in the Americas, the Middle East and the Far East. Hellyar Plastics provide access to global polymer supply through distribution partnerships developed with some of the world’s leading polymer producers.

David commented “We have worked with Kreston Reeves since the very beginning. We trust them to advise us on all things financial, commercial and personal. They really understand our business and have helped us through all types of market conditions. Kreston Reeves have consistently provided us with much more than expert accountancy skills – they are our business consultants too. Kreston Reeves have given us sound strategic advice and provide us with the expertise we need to make the right decisions for our business. Kreston Reeves’ strength is that they marry business know how with similar talents in family affairs.”

“Over the years Kreston Reeves have helped us with everything from our management structure to shareholder issues and estate planning. We have made good use of Kreston Reeves’ broad range of skills and know we can trust them with all aspects of our finances.”

For more information on Hellyar Plastics please visit www.hellyar.co.uk

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