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Brexit Insights 2019

The UK's vote to leave the EU has weighty implications for businesses in the UK, in the EU, and around the world.

The increasingly unpredictable political landscape, the complexity of Brexit and the scope of any subsequent trade deals within or outside the EU, means no business faces the same challenge and opportunities. Advice, risk management and insight is essential to effective contingency planning – and for longer-term planning.

With Brexit negotiations currently at the mercy of UK political dramas similar to those of a twice-weekly soap opera, it is hard to offer specific guidance to clients and stakeholders alike. However, with the potential of a ‘no deal’ Brexit not receding, it remains important for companies to have an up-to-date contingency plan, and to consider whether they need to implement it. In the meantime, here is a summary of our recent insights.

Please see below our latest insights and articles on Brexit.

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