• Time for direct action?

    The Department for Education (DFE) announced this month that there had been a 26% drop the number of apprenticeships being taken up in industry in the first quarter of 2018. There has also been a 40% fall in new apprenticeship entrants in the six months since the introduction of the new Government levy scheme in April 2017, when compared to the previous year. There is the added issue that skilled labour from the European Union are returning home as result of uncertainty surrounding the status of EU nationals.

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  • Kent Manufacturing Forum

    Each quarter the Kent Manufacturing Forum meets over breakfast to discuss a range of subjects affecting manufacturers and the manufacturing sector in Kent. Hosted by Kreston Reeves, ASB Law and Barclays Bank, each Forum focuses on discussing key issues with relevant invited speakers, with ample networking opportunities before and after each session.

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  • The Autumn Budget targets improving technology and reducing the skills gap

    From the outset, Philip Hammond set his focus on the Autumn Budget at the technological revolution that we are on the brink of. With a Conservative emphasis on embracing the future and running towards change. For the UK to be at the forefront of the revolution the people of Britain must be prepared to meet the challenges ahead and invest for this “bright” future.

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  • The value of management accounts in making informed business decisions

    Management accounts are often the key driver in directors’ decision making for the future of a business. Management accounts routinely consist of profit and loss, balance sheet, cash flow, commentary and some potential key performance indicators. However, this information may need further detail, such as identifying weaker areas of the business to decide if improvements can be made before considering withdrawing a product line.

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  • Taking stock?

    Does your stock system provide you with the information and comfort you need?

    Management of stock is one of the keys to success in any manufacturing company and the control of stock is often reliant upon the IT systems that are place. Is your stock system providing your company with accurate and complete information that will enable your business to make timely and correct decisions, on a daily basis?

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  • Reducing costs within the manufacturing sector

    Maintaining your market position

    For any business, particularly those in highly competitive sectors such as manufacturing, maintaining a favourable position in the marketplace requires careful attention. Making improvements to reduce costs and increase profit is an ongoing task and there are several ways to keep on top of this as you move through the financial year.

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  • Growing your manufacturing business domestically and globally

    Growing a manufacturing company is a significant and potentially costly undertaking and unfortunately there is no sure-fire way to guarantee success. However, there are certain steps that can make the process a little smoother, from extensive research to up to date technology. Making sure that the key foundations in your business are well established and finding and maintaining the right formula within the domestic market is critical before you begin to investigate globalisation. Here are some things to consider when you’re looking to grow.

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  • UK Automotive Manufacturing: A success story?

    Noises and media coverage emanating from this industry is encouraging. 1.72million cars were manufactured in the UK in 2016 which is not far off the heyday of manufacturing in the 1970’s. Car manufacturing turnover accounts for £71billion in the UK economy, it directly employs 169,000 people and when including allied manufacturing the industry employs 814,000 people.

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  • Manufacturing and Brexit: Cautious optimism but….

    Following the momentous decision made by the British electorate on 23 June to exit the EU, market reaction to this decision has been tumultuous; we saw Sterling devalue to its lowest level in 30 years against the dollar and the euro. Immediately exporters were rubbing their hands together as UK manufactured goods instantly become more competitive. Manufacturing outputs rose to its highest level in 25 years in August. Raw material imports were forecast to become more expensive. Input prices have been slightly dampened as canny business owners planned ahead by buying foreign currency forward in anticipation of higher prices caused by currency movements and therefore the full effect of these increases in input costs have yet to filter through into higher consumer prices.

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