• UK Manufacturing: future proofing your business for Brexit

    UK Manufacturing:  future proofing your business for Brexit

    The months of August and September showed a dramatic fall in output and activity when compared to July, and with last week’s economic results demonstrating a 0.6% GDP growth for the 3rd quarter of 2018 - there was no surprise the results were greeted with muted responses. And, the most unexpected result to emerge was the 1.2% fall in investment spending which is the largest fall since early 2016.

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  • The Dutch perspective on Brexit

    The Dutch’s perspective on Brexit 2

    Our recent Going for Growth survey, a nationwide research project exploring 530 privately owned UK businesses, showed a degree of optimism about Brexit; with many businesses believing it will present opportunities. Nonetheless, we felt it would be beneficial to obtain an alternative view from an EU member state, the Netherlands, during a recent international visit with Kreston.

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  • Trustees – 'A Charity Needs You'

    Trustees week | 2018

    Aside from the challenge of funding cuts, increased demand on services and ever-increasing regulatory requirements, a number of charities continue to struggle with the recruitment of Trustees. On almost a weekly basis we hear from clients and contacts that are seeking new Trustees, quite often those with financial expertise. So what is it that's making recruitment so difficult?

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  • What makes a good Trustee?

    Trustees week | 2018

    Charities are generally good at conducting Trustee reviews on a Board basis, ensuring they are functioning well and acting in the best interest of the charity, identifying if there are any skills gaps and if the board is structured in a way which allows effective decision-making. Assessing Trustees on an individual level is when it becomes more difficult for charities though. As the title asks, what makes a good Trustee?

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  • "Diversity: the art of thinking independently together" – Malcolm Forbes

    Trustees week | 2018

    In research published by the Charity Commission in November 2017 it was identified that boards are not reflective of the communities that their charities serve, with men outnumbering women two to one. Following this report, there were a number of articles, perhaps harshly, commenting on the pale, stale and male make-up of Trustees boards. The Charity Commission, rather than enforcing action, has simply continued to encourage charities to ensure their boards reflect the communities that they serve. So a year on from the research has there been any progress towards increased diversity?

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  • "Help us to help you"

    Trustees week | 2018

    So often articles and guidance discuss what Trustees and Boards can do to support their charity and focus on what makes good governance. Our own charity page features numerous articles around this subject. But with so much of what a charity achieves relying on its Trustees and their support, what can the charity do to support its board? After all, it's expected that a charity would look after its staff and volunteers, so shouldn't Trustees be included in this too?

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  • Autumn Budget webinar

    Budget 2018 webinar

    The final Budget before Brexit was held on Monday 29 October.

    The day after we hosted a Budget webinar in which our experts Clive Relf, Private Client Tax Partner and Miranda Wood, Private Client and Trust Manager analysed the opportunities and threats arising for both individuals and businesses, as well as reviewing the top Budget headlines.

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  • Changes to property taxation - Budget 2018

    Main changes announced or confirmed yesterday in the Autumn Statement

    For individuals;

    • Currently individuals can claim lettings relief against any gain realised on the sale of a residential property where it has been their home and they have also let it out. From April 2020, lettings relief will only be available for any period where you lived in the property with the tenant. In addition to this, the government have announced a reduction in the deemed period of occupation from the last 18 months to the last 9 (with some exceptions for individuals with disabilities or moving into care homes). This is the second reduction in this deemed period as it used to be 36 months.
    • SDLT first time buyer relief is being extended to include purchases under the shared ownership scheme. A retrospective claim can be made where an individual purchaser would have qualified for the relief before the rules came in.
    • On account Capital Gains Tax payments following the sale of a residential property will come into force from 6 April 2020.

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