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Published by Emma Chesson on 17 September 2019

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Business growth comes in many forms, but one constant is that the customer, or client, is king. Get that wrong and business growth will stall or splutter out.

We – together with specialist brand and marketing consultant Belinda Collins – have introduced a new Growth advisory service that combines, in a unique offering, the financial and brand support businesses need to boost, maintain or refocus their growth plans and achieve commercial success.

The Growth advisory service provides advice on a variety of business disciplines, that businesses need to align, to embrace the challenges that can impact performance and growth. These include:

  • Business model review;
  • Defining the Asset in your business;
  • Increasing company valuation;
  • Brand development;
  • Business audit;
  • Business purpose;
  • Future mapping your business;
  • Growth planning and strategies; and
  • Sales advice and support.

As part of the service, the Growth team offer a series of practical group and one to one workshops to help business owners better understand their brand DNA, business development strategies and to create an actionable growth system.

The importance of Brand DNA

Customers and clients now have more information at their fingertips than ever before, helping them make quick and informed decisions over whether to buy or not. This has seen businesses move and refocus the way products and services are taken to market.

The 1950s and 60s were defined as the ‘product era’, where marketing focused on product attributes. Businesses typically responded with new products and services in incremental improvements.

The 1970s and 80s were defined as the ‘image era’ where marketing focused on products’ unique selling points. Marketing was the wrapper around a product that did not necessarily change. Advertising was critical. Businesses like the Body Shop began to emerge with a clear purpose.

Moving into the 90s and the noughties, businesses embraced purpose, positioned brands around ‘why’ – why was a business in business and what was its purpose. Delivering profit for shareholders was simply not enough.

And it is this purpose-driven business environment that businesses will need to understand and embrace over the next decade – the emotional journey of the consumer will increasingly drive business growth.

So how should businesses align to this shift?

The journey for business-to-business and business-to-consumer organisations will be different but do share some common threads – first and foremost that this is not just a here today, gone tomorrow fad. Businesses have never been under so much scrutiny from investors, employees and customers over corporate behaviour and that is unlikely to change.

And business purpose is more than just marketing greenwash. It will define what a business stands for, how businesses will engage with all their stakeholders and how a business wishes to leave customers and clients feeling. Customers unsatisfied with these touch points are likely to walk away and share their experiences.

Businesses need to consider their customer and client journeys, the emotions and the financial drivers behind buying decisions, building into that journey a variety of touch points, and embrace story telling.

Business leaders need too to have a strong understanding of their vision and strategy for growth, their assets, their financials and profit. The Going for Growth Brand DNA workshops will cover all of this in detail.

Going for Growth

Businesses and their customers are living in challenging times. Our relationship with Europe remains uncertain, countries and economies are increasingly inward looking, and the memories of the 2008 crash and a decade of austerity are still fresh in minds.

And yet this is not the time for businesses to retrench. It is the time to take a step back, examine the business and understand customer journeys, and to understand societal changes.

The Going for Growth Brand DNA masterclasses and subsequent workshops are designed to do just that.

For further information about our Growth team please click here, contact Emma Chesson or call us on +44 (0)330 124 1399.

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