Looking ahead… to the next few months webinar

Published by Andrew Tate  on 27 May 2020

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Many businesses are focusing on their immediate issues, on doing what they can to survive this unprecedented period of mass uncertainty. However, it’s still important to remember to pause, breathe and look up from the current circumstances at the bigger picture. Where some see challenges, others see opportunity, adaptability and innovation.

If there is one thing that is certain about life and business, it is that nothing is ever certain. Things constantly change and it’s how we respond and adapt to them that really makes a difference.

With a range of speakers from across several disciplines and firms, our series of ‘Looking ahead’ webinars aims to help UK businesses take a step back and plan for their future – whether short, medium or long term. How can you prepare and make a difference?

The first webinar in our ‘Looking ahead’ series focused on the next few months.

Topics covered include:

  • Scenario planning for best, medium and worst case scenarios
  • Crisis planning and management
  • COVID safety management for businesses

Watch the recording of the webinar


Our next webinar

The next webinar in the series focuses on Looking ahead… the rest of this year. Book your place here.

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