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We think you’ll love working with us

Having started out over 100 years ago, we are long-standing employers across our office communities in Kent, Sussex, London – and beyond.

We’re proud of the reputation we’ve built and we’re grateful to our people for making it stronger every day.

Our strong commitment to living our firm’s values means we listen carefully to our teams and enjoy helping each other succeed – creating a culture in which our employees can thrive and provide the highest service to our clients.

We want all our employees to be rewarded for their hard work and enjoy a balanced lifestyle, which is why we offer benefits such as agile working, and an engagement programme centred around mental health and wellbeing.

We are proud of the positive culture and flexible working environment our employees enjoy.

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Our values

Our values reflect the attitudes and behaviours our employees appreciate when working together, and what our clients can expect when we work alongside them.

These values are woven into who we are and how we do things at Kreston Reeves; from recruitment and selection to training and talent management, reward and appraisals. These values create a culture in which our employees can thrive and provide the highest service to our clients.

Our Values

Our Values

Agile working at Kreston Reeves

Agile working

Our agile working arrangements bring many benefits to employees lives across the firm.

We want all our employees to be treated fairly and given the chance to participate fully within the workplace without this impacting on family commitments or their general wellbeing.

Our Agile Working programme relates to undertaking your work at any time, from any location – such as working from a client’s location, on the move, or from home.

We are extremely proud of the positive culture created from our flexible working environment our employees enjoy.


We use a system of ‘flexible pots’ within our benefits platform.

A flexible pot is a specified sum of money provided by grade. There are three mandatory core benefits which come from the pot first, with the remainder available for you to spend on the voluntary benefits of your choice.

There are three mandatory core benefits that everyone receives from their flex pots. In addition, there are a wide range of voluntary options available to you to then choose to spend your remaining flex pot on during the benefits window alongside supplementary benefits outside of the flex pots which all staff can enjoy at any time.

Our Benefits

Benefits at Kreston Reeves

Our Benefits

Personal growth at Kreston Reeves

Personal growth

We pride ourselves on the training that we provide to all employees throughout their careers.

From starting as a trainee accountant, financial planner, as a graduate or school leaver to attending our talent programmes and working your way up to becoming a Partner we will support you and your individual needs throughout your career.

You will be supported from day one, working with your team on your ongoing development constructing a career plan to work towards and achieve.

We have our own training academy ‘Aspire’ used for Student training and in-house seminars and courses, successfully combining both personal and technical knowledge and the softer skills needed to make a rounded career.

Wellbeing at Kreston Reeves


Kreston Reeves are proud of our firm’s wellbeing programme. A movement shaped to encourage a culture of holistic wellbeing throughout the firm, one which inspires our colleagues and partners to take the best possible care of themselves and one another.



Social CSR events at Kreston Reeves

Social / CSR events

We are proud of our active Corporate and Social Responsibility (CSR) programme. Our own Kreston Reeves Charity Foundation enables us to consistently ‘give back’ to our local communities wherever we can, as well as provide opportunities for our employees to get more involved in charitable work and in choosing the causes which benefit from the foundation.

We give all our employees the option to take one day paid each year for volunteering so they can support the charitable causes closest to them.

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