200 years of celebrating you

This year Kreston Reeves has something to celebrate… 200 years of our history.

We want to use this significant milestone as an opportunity to celebrate our clients, our colleagues, and our communities!

Celebrating what makes us Kreston Reeves:

Our history

200 years of our history. Our roots can be traced back to 1821 - read more

Our clients

And their growth stories and successes

Our colleagues

Our people who have always made Kreston Reeves what it is - our greatest asset

Our purpose white lightbulb icon

Our purpose

Our purpose white lightbulb icon

200 years of guiding you to a brighter future - read more

Our CSR programme

By committing to planting a tree for every client in the firm

Our values

‘Understand’, ‘Look ahead’, ‘Make it personal’, ‘Be crystal clear’ and most importantly ‘Be human’

Our champions and their stories