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Published by David Mepsted on 17 January 2022

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During October 2019 a team of 5 people from Kreston Reeves travelled to Abenta in Ghana to work with the charity Village By Village to help fix a number of issues with a local school, including a broken water harvesting platform and doors and windows.

The trip and a donation of £7,000 to a further charity, OneChildGhana was supported by individual fundraising from the team members totalling £12,000 and a further donation from the Kreston Reeves Foundation of £5,300.

Since then, our donation to OneChildGhana has funded 2 major projects. It has enabled 8 schools to install the required hardware to connect their computers to the internet and has also funded the construction of a new classroom block in Baworo.

The internet connection will allow the children to improve their computer literacy and search and apply for jobs, as well as enable the school to sustain regular contact with their peers and donors. The schools are also able to open their doors to the local community to share these facilities, benefitting all.

Baworo provides vocational school facilities to 143 students and supports a growing population. The addition of a new 2 class block means that children will be able to learn in suitable environments rather than having to be taught outside. After being hampered by COVID-19, the classroom block was finished in late 2021 and is now in regular use. We recently received the following video from the school.

OneChildGhana is a UK-registered charity run by volunteers, with the aim to educate the world’s poorest children. This has been their aim since 2002 and in that time, they have developed a process that creates genuine and sustainable impacts. So many children are deprived of the opportunity to go to school, and OneChildGhana are doing something about it. The charity supports over 1,000 students across 14 vocational schools in the Ashanti Region of Ghana and is 100% run by volunteers.

David Mepsted, Audit manager at Kreston Reeves and one of the team members who visited Ghana, commented: “I am immensely proud of our team’s efforts in supporting OneChildGhana and it was heart-warming to see that our donation has truly made a different to the children, school and subsequently the community. Our time in Ghana, with Village By Village was precious in so many ways and we look forward to continuing to support our nominated charities and other important projects like this in the future”.

Read more about our fundraising and trip to Ghana here.

Visit OneChildGhana to find out more about this charity and the efforts of their volunteers.

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