Charity and not for profit organisations

Helping the charity and not-for-profit sector every step of the way

CEOs, trustees and governors are continuously faced with balancing the responsibility of managing and running an organisation. However, complemented by their genuine desire to make a difference to people’s lives means they are often being diverted to deal with the financial aspects of running an organisation, fundraising, recruitment and complete accountability and transparency. The latter being especially true as it is an indicator of good governance and furthermore will help to protect your organisation from any negative public comments in the future.

Charities and not for profit organisations

We work collaboratively with our clients in the charity and not-for-profit sector and support them to help achieve their strategic objectives by:

Conducting audit and independent examinations

  • As a charity or not-for-profit, you may well face complex regulation and accounting requirements. If this is the case, we can help you to understand your financial records, and assist you with the management and governance of your organisation; which will help highlight potential irregularities and errors, and provide necessary advice on how to counter these.

Managing risk – future proofing your procedures

  • The board of any organisation has ultimate responsibility for the effective management of risk and by identifying the best risk assurance framework for your organisation, we can help you to put procedures in place to avoid or minimise the impact of any future risk.

Advising and supporting you with your future strategy and plan

  • We can help you to create and/or drive forward your organisation’s strategy and supporting plan. We will then help you to break this down into small steps and design an approach that fits your culture.

Optimise your on-going performance

  • We can work with you to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your organisation. Our specialist team comes with many years of practical, advisory and financial, experience and supports you with your on-going performance.

Providing support services

  • To allow you to have the time to focus your efforts and resources towards your organisation’s core goal – allows us to shoulder the burden of your financial management through our support services, including VAT; bookkeeping; and payroll.

Bespoke training sessions

  • Whatever the topic we speak your language and understand your environment. Through our bespoke training sessions and practical support, we can help you to improve trustees and governors training and recruitment, and your personnel’s financial management skills and performance.

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