Client charter

As part of our commitment to providing excellent client service, everyone at Kreston Reeves endeavours to ensure that all clients:

  • receive terms of engagement in writing at the start of each new job.
  • are given an “up front” explanation of how we bill and go on to receive a proper analysis of work done and the amount charged.
  • are provided with agreed timetables and deadlines to which we will adhere.
  • never suffer from any (avoidable) “nasty surprises” (be it unforeseen fees or tax bills).
  • are assured that we treat all their affairs as confidential.
  • have available to them at least one partner supported by a client team with the expertise and experience appropriate to their needs.
  • have their communications responded to in a timely manner. We aim to respond to telephone calls within 4 hours, emails within 1 working day and technical correspondence within 7 days.
  • are contacted by us with a frequency commensurate to their needs.
  • receive relevant information from us in a form that can be easily understood.
  • are invited to give us honest feedback so that we can monitor the quality of our service.
  • are invited to give us referrals of potential new clients who can expect the same high level of client care.
  • are made aware of the other services available in the Firm and referred on to the relevant expert wherever possible.

If you’d like to hear what our clients say about us, please see our case studies.