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Xero has announced that at the end of November 2018 they will be making some changes to the navigation bar within the software. The improvement will mean key information can be found more simply and quickly.

The new blue menu along the top will be as follows:

Xero Navigation change 2018

This video highlights some of the key changes:

Please note that users will not have to do anything and the change will happen automatically.

Our guide on finding some common features to get you started:

Entering a sales invoice

The + menu will remain the same in the top right to quickly add new transactions. To enter from the traditional sales screen, you’ll need to go to the Business drop down menu and then Sales overview.

Xero sales navigation overview

Getting to the bank account

There will still be a link from the dashboard but in terms of drop-down menus this is now under Accounting.

The Accounting menu has three main areas – bank accounts, reports and advanced. Advanced is where you can find some of the items previously under Settings, as well as Manual Journals and Fixed Assets.

Xero Files

Xero Files is the place to store documents which can either be attached to a transaction or just kept in folders to be available from wherever you are.

There is no longer an icon for these in the top right-hand corner. They are moving to be in the Organisation Menu. The Organisation Menu is accessed by clicking on the company name in the top left-hand corner.

Xero navigation files

Training webinars

We have recorded a webinar which runs through the changes and to answer any queries which can be viewed by clicking here.

Alternatively, please do get in touch with your usual Kreston Reeves contact if you have any queries on this update.

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