Coronavirus guidance – Filing deadlines for Company Accounts

Published by Peter Manser on 25 March 2020

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Last updated on 25/03/2020

As announced by Companies House (CH) today, companies can apply for an automatic and immediate 3 month extension to file their accounts.  Points to be aware of:

  • This provision is for companies affected by COVID-19
  • You need to apply
  • Application must be made before the filing deadline

CH state “Your company should take appropriate measures to make sure accounts are filed on time…. If you’re able to”.

CH state that companies that have already changed their accounting reference period “may not be eligible”.

Automatic penalties are applied where the deadline is missed and you have not been granted an extension.  The Registrar has limited powers not to collect automatic penalties.

For a private limited company the filing deadline for accounts is 9 months after the year end.


A company with a 30 June 2019 year end was due to file their accounts by end of this month, 31 March 2020.  Having successfully applied for an extension before 31 March, the company now has until 30 June 2020 to file their accounts.


For a private company the penalty is £150 where the accounts are filed not more than 1 month late increasing to £1,500 where more than 6 months late.  The penalties are doubled where accounts are filed late in 2 subsequent years.

Application to extend

To apply online you’ll need:

  • your company number
  • an email address
  • information about why your extension reasons
  • any documents to support your application (optional)

A link to where you can apply for the extension at Companies House is here.

We have experience of this process and can help you with your application. For further information or advice on this area, please contact me.

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