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Published on 17 July 2017

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The increasing pace of change, powered by advancing technology and online communications, is matched only by the pace of political, economic and legislative change.

Our role as advisers in this changing landscape is crucial.

Providing trusted advice to people and organisations centres around having strong client relationships based upon clear mutual expectations: our advice and service is underpinned by a clear set of values that our people and teams live by, whether working together, with clients or in our local communities.

Consequently, when Kreston Reeves merged with Spofforths in June 2016, we took this opportunity to review and create refreshed and combined values as one firm. Following research conducted both with all our staff and with our clients, we are proud to launch our new values as a combined practice.

Our new values reflect the attitudes and behaviours our employees appreciate when working together, and what our clients can expect when we work alongside them.

To distill this, we conducted a number of surveys and interactive workshops in which we listened carefully to feedback from both our staff and our clients to identify the behaviours that are important to them, which inform the values we aspire to work by, and the culture that we seek to enhance in the firm.

The contributions we used to inform the distillation of our new culture and values include a firm wide exercise during which 500 members of staff worked in teams to present the behaviours they value most, and market messaging workshops from which we evaluated the feedback from 75 employee participants. We also gleaned the views of 500 respondents to our client care survey, and analysed 300 contributions from our client care workshops, to get a comprehensive view of the opinions and beliefs in our client base.

So we are delighted to present the results of these discussions as our redefined values, being:

  • We understand the big picture and listen carefully to each client and our colleagues.
  • We look ahead and help clients plan for the future. We embrace change and think innovatively.
  • We make it personal, tailoring solutions to each client. We are great team members.
  • We are crystal clear, so clients and our colleagues know what’s going on. We act decisively keeping the initiative.
  • We are human; we enjoy helping clients and each other succeed and making a positive impact.

We are proud to publish these values, which form the building blocks of our shared culture. View our values in motion in our short video and in our graphic.

These values are woven into who we are and how we do things at Kreston Reeves; from recruitment and selection to training and talent management, reward and appraisals. These values create a culture in which our employees can thrive and provide the highest service to our clients.

Jennifer Williamson, Partner at Kreston Reeves, commented, “Our values define who we are. They guide our actions and behaviour and influence the way we work with each other – and the way we serve our clients and engage with our communities. Because of this it was vital to be informed by our colleagues and clients, and the behaviours they value to form the cultural cornerstones of our firm.

I am already proud of our people culture, but in an increasingly changeable world these values will serve to provide guiding principles by which we can effectively work together to meet the growing needs of our clients, and act as a promise of quality, personal service to our clients and communities”.

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