Shaping your future report: The shape of UK business over the next two years

Published by Andrew Griggs on 19 November 2021

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Explore the business issues, priorities, constraints, growth, and funding strategies of 652 business leaders across the UK and get the action list that will help you drive your business forward.

Download the Shaping your future report here.

The business environment has never been so uncertain. The impact of the pandemic and Brexit is likely to be felt for many years to come, bringing new challenges, opportunities and change. So too will the mitigation of climate change, the continuing impact of technology and changing working patterns. For many businesses, it is difficult to know what tomorrow might hold but businesses must continue to look ahead.

It is incredibly encouraging to see businesses so confident for their future – 87% of the businesses we surveyed are ‘confident’ or ‘very confident’ about the future of their business.

This does not hide worrying signs on the horizon. Supply chains are causing serious problems for businesses and are predicted to do so for two or more years. That is, say businesses, hitting bottom lines. Finding and retaining staff are also very real issues across many industry sectors and show no signs of abating. A fifth (20%) of businesses surveyed do not believe they will be able to repay COVID borrowing and then there is the threat of tax increases and rising inflation diminishing real incomes and spending.

The aim of this report and the events and articles that support this programme over the next two years is to help you tackle challenges and provide inspiration to shape your future.


Topics covered in the report include:

  • A post Brexit and COVID landscape
    • Changing priorities
    • Looking ahead
    • Future constraints
    • Scenario planning
  • Supply chain challenges
    • Supply chain and cash flow – what should businesses do?
  • People and purpose
    • Motivating staff through share options and employee benefits
    • The purpose-led organisation – how purpose builds a strong employer brand
  • Business growth and funding
    • Funding growth options
    • Funding growth through M&A
  • Online accounting – a digital revolution
    • What next for MTD and online accounting?

It also features action points throughout.

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