Helping generation after generation build wealth in their personal, family and business lives. Our advisers can help you every step of the way….

Bryan Elkins


Tax Partner

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David Hurst


Partner, and Managing Director of Kreston Reeves Financial Planning

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Philip M Lansberry


Partner and Head of Legal

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We offer a comprehensive blend of services to suit personal, family and business lives. Our advisers work with you to maximise your wealth, manage your personal finances, minimise taxation and ensure financial security for the future.

Our unique approach

With our background in tax, legal services and financial planning, Kreston Reeves Wealth Management Team is uniquely qualified to work alongside you to protect your wealth and see that your objectives are met. Wealth Management is about managing your finances to achieve the following goals:

  • To ensure that you have sufficient money to enjoy life and do all of the things which are important to you now
  • Minimising tax
  • Protecting and maximising your family wealth for you and your family’s future
  • Building a flexible plan to cope with changing circumstances

Our friendly advisers are highly experienced and can bring together the management of all of your savings, retirement planning/arrangements and investments to develop strategies to help you manage your financial affairs so that you can maintain wealth, enjoy life and achieve financial security for you and your family.

Harvesting investments and enhancing retirement

Planning for and managing your affairs leading up to and in retirement is critical. Retirement is a time for peace of mind. Our team are experts, in drafting wills and powers of attorney, pension and financial planning, downsizing, tax planning and planning for potential care home costs.

Preserving assets and wealth for the next generation

When it comes to passing on your hard-earned wealth, it pays to be thorough. We can advise on inheritance and capital gains tax mitigation, provision for university or schools fees, effective wills and distribution of assets, succession planning, as well as investments for your beneficiaries and loved ones.

Speak to us about how we can help ….. throughout your lifetime.

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