Kreston Reeves client portal (KRCP) – terms and conditions


  • By using the KRCP you accept these terms and conditions. Please read these terms and conditions carefully and ensure that you understand them before using the KRCP.
  • If we are required to alter these terms and conditions these will be communicated to you. Consequently, any changes made will apply to your use of the KRCP, the first time you use it after the changes have been implemented.

Data protection law

  • Use of the KRCP is subject to the standard terms of business which were provided with the engagement letter. We would draw your attention to section 16 Data – protection law. Please note that for the purposes of sharing data via the KRCP, Kreston Reeves LLP / Kreston Reeves Private Clients LLP (Kreston Reeves) will be acting as an independent controller responsible for adhering to data protection law for any personal information it processes. You are also an independent controller responsible for adhering to data protection law for the personal information you process.

Access to the KRCP

  • Access is intended to be for UK based users only.
  • You must not use the KRCP in any way, or for any purpose, that is unlawful or fraudulent.
  • Accessing the KRCP should be undertaken from your usual place of business.
  • It is not permissible to delegate access rights to any third party.
  • Penetration tests or security tests are not to be performed on the portal without the prior consent of Kreston Reeves.
  • All users of the portal are responsible for ensuring the confidentiality of their passwords.
  • It is prohibited to upload any content which is unlawful, obscene, offensive, dishonest, defamatory, threatening, racist, sexist or otherwise discriminatory.
  • The client will nominate (at least) one person who will act as the ‘Client portal administrator’ (CPA). This person must have enough privilege within the client’s business to be able to access any document that is published to the portal.
  • The CPA(s) will be responsible for maintaining access to members of the client’s business, including access to the different document storage folders.
  • When a CPA ceases to require access and/or leaves the employment of the client, the following at Kreston Reeves must be informed immediately.
  • Any data breach including passwords being stolen or disclosed to anyone who is not a user, must be notified to the following at Kreston Reeves immediately. Kreston Reeves will determine whether access to the portal is suspended or terminated.
  • In the event of a decision by the client or Kreston Reeves to terminate the engagement, access to the KRCP will be removed.

Viruses, malware, and security

  • We exercise reasonable skill and care to ensure that the KRCP is secure and free from viruses and malware; however, we do not guarantee that this is the case.
  • You are responsible for protecting your hardware, software, data, and other material from viruses, malware, and other internet security risks.
  • You must not deliberately introduce viruses or other malware, or any other material which is malicious or technologically harmful either to the KRCP.
  • You must not attempt to gain unauthorised access to the KRCP, the server on which the KRCP is stored, or any other server, computer, or database connected to the KRCP.
  • You must not attack the KRCP by means of a denial of service attack, a distributed denial of service attack, or by any other means.