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Richard Heasman BA (Hons) ACA MAE

Partner and Head of Forensic Accounting

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Richard Heasman

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  • Honours Degree in accountancy from the University of Kent
  • Associate member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants
  • Full practicing member of the Academy of Experts


Further information

My career history

I have provided Expert Reports on Forensic Accounting matters in approximately 400 cases and given evidence in court for civil and criminal trials on numerous occasions. Since 1995, I have specialised in forensic accounting and Expert Witness services which are provided to solicitors, insurers, companies and others throughout the UK acting in respect of approximately 35 new instructions each year.

20 years accountancy experience

My experience includes over twenty years general practice accountancy work, preparation of financial and management accounts, financial, business, taxation and business advice for limited companies, partnerships and sole traders, covering a wide variety of trades and professions.

I have advised numerous companies and individuals in relation to the valuation of majority and minority holdings for both purchases and sales, the tax consequences of personal sales, company buy backs and clauses within shareholder agreements.

I have advised in relation to the merits of a demerger of a group as compared with a liquidation including the implications for the directors and shareholders.

I have prepared share valuations for agreement with HMRC shares division including for the purpose of employee share incentive schemes. probate and capital gains base cost.

I have also undertaken investigations of the accounting records in respect of companies and estates where there have been allegations of fraud or false accounting.

In addition, I have undertaken many ad hoc assignments ranging from the review of the accounting system of a nationwide charity, the comparison of corporate guarantees given by international quoted groups, the quantification of the multi million pound claim for a case heard by the Competition Appeal Tribunal and reported on a complaint heard by the Parliamentary Health Service Ombudsman.

Share and business valuations including investigations of false accounting

Further information

  • Share valuations, shareholder, oppressed minority and matrimonial disputes
  • Share and business valuations on marriage breakdown including investigations of false accounting.
  • Party and joint instructions for matrimonial valuations of companies, partnerships and sole traders with trades including property investment, cleaning, ducting, food importation and manufacture, transport, building, building supplies, personnel, convenience food manufacturer, nursing and children’s homes, engineering, agricultural consultants, scaffolding, electrical contractor, ladies fashion wear, aquatic lighting, mineral water, mortgage broking, prestige vehicles, caravan parks, solicitors, construction, pet food, financial services, insurance broker.
  • Consideration of remuneration, benefits, liquidity, capital raising and tax implications of disposal of shares between spouses and third parties.
  • Calculation of capital gains tax in relation to freehold property.
  • Joint appointments via ICAEW to value S459 exit shareholders stakes.(including the interpretation of shareholders agreements and SPAs) and other as hoc investigations including stock control systems.
  • Advisory Board for the Business School at Christ Church

Partnership disputes

  • Quantifying partner shares and assisting in disputes including accountants, cricket ball manufacture, pubs, builders, doctors, takeaway restaurants, nursing homes, home furnishings, music royalties.
  • Assessing the value of goodwill in partnerships.

Wrongful dismissal

  • Quantifying loss of earnings and pension rights.

Quantification of losses/loss of profits

Personal injury, fatality and clinical negligence

  • Compilation of quantum in catastrophic injury, clinical negligence, fatality and lost dependency, pension loss, full special damage schedules including care and housing.
  • Calculating loss of earnings for a wide range of occupations including the armed forces, emergency services, builders, accountants, lawyer, tax specialist pop music manager, property developer, haulier and car dealer.
  • Calculating loss of pension rights for final salary schemes and personal pensions for the self employed.

Contract, tort, product liability

  • Quantifying losses including breach of royalty agreement for US supplier, damage to hot air balloon, breach of royalty agreement for musicians, supply of under performing equipment, mortgage disputes, breach of funding agreement by a Council, losses caused by flood damage and damage to shops and hot air balloon

I have acted for defendants in the following :

Fraud/theft/false accounting/review of Defendants’ means

Richard has acted for Defendants in the following:

Theft and false accounting by defendants employed in:

  • Military Officers mess, pubs, banks, shops, bars, children’s nursery, haulage business, petrol station, motor industry and children’s club.
  • Investigation of fraudulent insurance and DSS benefit claims and unlawful dissipation of assets from estates.
  • Investigation of the legitimate earnings in respect of drug cases.
  • Acting for Defendants in income tax, VAT and excise duty frauds including the importation of alcohol, cigarettes and a taxi hire business.

Confiscation orders:

  • Reporting on Prosecutors statement and preparing Counter Schedules to assist in negotiations with both the Police and HMRC.
  • Numerous investigations into Defendants’ legitimate earnings and assets including disproving alleged benefit of £450,000 for Internet café owner and £6 million to £1.5 million for school owner.

Personal interests

I’m a keen runner and enjoy hacking round a golf course. I’m also a Trustee of the Kreston Reeves Foundation.

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