Technology forms the basis of modern business life. For over 25 years we have helped technology companies set up, develop and grow their businesses.

Michael O'Brien


Accounts and Outsourcing Partner, Head of Technology and Head of North America Business


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Our work has ranged from our visits to Silicon Valley, where we worked with a number of multinational companies setting up a technology base in the UK, to advising an individual entrepreneur with a great idea.

The knowledge, expertise and proactive solutions that Kreston Reeves offer are essential for businesses in this ever changing and innovative sector, whether you are a self employed programmer or a multinational manufacturer of network processors.

We work closely with other professionals in the sector, including lawyers, patent attorneys, IP consultants, banks and investors to find the best solutions for our clients.

We are mentors at established technology hubs and incubators, assisting startups to develop their ideas into thriving, innovative businesses. Historically we have been active contributors in the Cisco British Innovation Gateway BIG Awards.

We are part of the technology community, whether that’s in London’s Tech City or Discovery Park in Kent and provide workshops and seminars to the sector as well as writing regular articles for sector publications.

We act for many clients with interests in the technology sector, including software developers, hardware manufacturers, digital media firms, telecoms companies and also those in the pharmaceutical, life sciences and engineering fields who place groundbreaking IP at the heart of what they do.

UKTN Startup Surgery Accountancy Doctor

Michael O’Brien, Head of the Technology sector for Kreston Reeves, is the Accountancy Doctor for the Startup Surgery of UKTN, the leading resource of news, events and information for technology innovators in the UK.

This role involves us answering accountancy, tax and finance related questions from the technology community and providing our skills and expertise in the sector to help support and mentor companies and assist them in achieving their goals.

You can see our historic articles here:

Our services to the Technology sector include:

  • Business consulting on structures, business plans and safeguarding of Intellectual Property
  • Corporation tax compliance and planning including the preparation of tax returns, advice on corporation tax and also Transfer Pricing issues for multinational companies
  • Advice on the availability of R&D tax credits and the Patent Box tax regime
  • Accounts and outsourcing services including management accounting, preparation of forecasts and cash flows, the preparation of year end accounts and payroll and HR services
  • VAT and duty advice in relation to selling services and products eg. SAAS and SAAP overseas and also the Mini One Stop Shop (MOSS) regulations in relation to selling Broadcasting, Telecoms and E commerce services to customers in the EU
  • Audit and Assurance
  • Advice on the opportunities for obtaining grants and funding from various public and private sector backed bodies in the UK
  • Tax advice and financial planning advice to the founders because in this high growth sector it’s important to know when and how to exit your business at the right time and in the most tax efficient manner.
  • Intellectual property valuations

Assisting international technology clients has formed the basis of our sector expertise. The UK has become an attractive place for technology companies to be, with its tax benefits and also funding opportunities, and has long been a place for international businesses to set up as a gateway to the European market. Our experience enables us to provide our technology clients with the focused advice and services to help them succeed and achieve their goals.