Fraud does not just affect large organisations; indeed recent studies and estimates have shown that small and medium sized entities may lose in the region of 0.5 % of turnover to fraud, and a considerably larger proportion of profits.

Richard Heasman


Partner and Head of Forensic Accounting

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Frauds may be internal or external to your business and include the following types:

  • Account takeover
  • Card not present fraud
  • Cheque fraud
  • Employee fraud
  • Fake invoice scams
  • Intellectual property fraud and theft

We will work with you to identify, quantify and evidence fraud in your organisation, to put in place measures to reduce your exposure to fraud or to develop a fraud response plan.

If you are a defendant in Court, we pride ourselves on our well structured, concise and evidenced Criminal Procedure Rules compliant reports prepared to your deadline and so that the jury can easily understand them. Please talk to us about detailed fee estimates for the purpose of obtaining LAA prior authority. We have prepared numerous reports and given evidence in Court on many occasions on areas including:

  • Employee fraud
  • False accounting
  • Wrongful trading – Kreston Reeves are also able to provide insolvency practitioners to assist you in this area
  • Insurance fraud
  • VAT, duty and tax fraud
  • Department of Work and Pensions benefit fraud

We also assist with Confiscation Hearings, in particular we often consider the level of alleged ’benefit’ and have built up significant expertise in reviewing Prosecutor’s Statements for double-counting and legitimate income not recognised in the ‘benefit’ calculation.