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Allpress Espresso, the specialty coffee roasters, are taking our idea of ‘a great coffee’ to a new level. Founded in New Zealand in 1986 by Michael Allpress and established in Sydney in 1999 by his long term friend, the highly respected restaurateur Tony Papas, Allpress have been a huge success.

Tony launched Allpress Espresso in Shoreditch in October 2010. For London’s coffee lovers their Roastery Café is a must visit destination. Allpress coffee can also be purchased online. Allpress immediately attracted excellent reviews including the ‘Café/Coffee Bar Independent of the Year’ in 2011 by The Café Society.

Most importantly, the Roastery Café provides a working billboard for the wholesale business which supplies independent café owners and restaurants from Sussex to Somerset, from London to Leeds and Edinburgh. UK turnover is over £1 million.

Tony commented “A focus on flavour and sustainable supply is driving the espresso industry. We have sourced our green beans through direct trade since 2000. We regularly visit coffee growers, millers and exporters. Our approach to buying beans is simple; they must be the best to make exceptional tasting coffee. Direct trade is mutually rewarding, the farmer gets a fair price and we benefit from personal relationships with growers.”

“At its best, coffee roasting is a fine balance of art and science. We have over 25 years’ roasting know-how.” The ultimate espresso machines are used. Tony explains “La Marzocco’s brewing system consistently delivers great coffee. Our people (the baristas) are well trained.” Allpress offer barista training to clients too.

Tony appointed Kreston Reeves in February 2011. “We wanted a firm that really got involved in understanding what our business is about. Michael O’Brien and the Kreston Reeves team ticked all our boxes. They are proactive and responsive. We’re very happy with the level of support they provide.”

Kreston Reeves handle the annual accounts, audit and corporate tax and have provided consultancy services. Tony mentioned “I have looked to Michael for support on HR and they were fantastic with that. Having advice in other areas has been great for us. We know they are there if we need expert advice on specific projects. Having Michael work with us and understand our goals gave us a different standard of service. We trust them. When La Marzocco arrived in town, we recommended Michael.”

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