You in Two: Meet Sinitta Callman

Published by Susan Chadwick on 30 April 2024

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Our people make our firm. Meet the faces behind Kreston Reeves in our video series ‘You in Two’! In just two minutes, you can get to know a bit more about the people delivering the wide range of accounting, business and wealth services we provide.

In episode four, we chat with Sinitta Callman, who recently joined our Talent Acquisition team in Horsham. Sinitta has over 13 years experience in Recruitment, and is particularly passionate about promoting diversity and inclusion within the industry.

You can watch or read Sinitta’s episode below! 

Q: Introduce yourself!

A: Hi, I’m Sinitta Callman. I am a Talent Acquisition Consultant at Kreston Reeves, specifically focused on early careers, so work experience, industrial placements, grads and school leavers all come under me and I work in the Horsham office.

My day-to-Day role consists of interviewing, building the brand of Kreston Reeves, supporting any students within the business, supporting any students that are potentially joining and coming up with strategic projects around diversity, equity and inclusion, and also the recruitment process as a whole.  

Q: What is your biggest achievement?

A: I would say my biggest achievement has to be my five-year-old son. I don’t think anything comes closer to the achievement of actually having a small human, but on a career front, I would say that I did a speech at Christie’s Auction House on International Women’s Day talking about diversity, equity, and inclusion in front of hundreds of people. And public speaking is not my thing, but it was really good. 

Q: What do you enjoy most about your role?

A: The thing I enjoy most about my role is being a really pivotal part of the beginning of someone’s career. I love being able to offer people their dream jobs and also get to sort of focus on the projects around diversity, equity and inclusion and make sure that we are having a diverse workforce and having that impact in the industry and the business I work in.

Q: What advice would you give to job candidates?

A: I would say do your research and not only just so you come across well in the interviews, but I think it’s really important to understand the culture of an organisation, look at their Glassdoor reviews, look at people’s LinkedIns, and see if it aligns with the culture and ethos that you’re looking for.

I think as candidates, you always think, I have to impress the employer, but they also should be impressing you too.

Click here to view our current job vacancies and student opportunities. 

Let’s make it personal! 

Q: What is one thing you can’t live without?

A: I should say my son…but I would probably say Vaseline, that’s the truth!

Q: If you could trade lives with any fictional character, who would it be?

A: It would have to be Harry Potter, I want to go to Hogwarts. I just want to be a wizard to be honest.

Q: What question would you ask your future self?

A: Did you meet Beyonce yet??

You can learn more about what a career with Kreston Reeves could look like by visiting our careers area, where you can also discover our available job opportunities and explore a full list of current vacancies.

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