Looking ahead: For professional practices – watch on demand!

Published by Jennifer Williamson on 17 October 2023

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Following on from our online event, you can now watch ‘Looking ahead: For professional practices’ on demand. You can also explore the poll results gathered during the webinar and the other associated resources.

This webinar is part of a continuing series created to provide updates, and specifically targeted advice on key areas for professional practices.

Our specialist team addressed key issues many professional practices are facing, explaining how your accountants might be able to assist, and the steps you can take now to plan for the future.

Primary topics covered

The webinar covered a range of insights, but was focused on two specific topics. Below you will find a short summary of the items covered in the webinar, along with the poll results we gathered from attendees within the industry.

Succession planning

Regularly undertaking and reviewing your succession planning is important for all professional practices, particularly in times of economic uncertainty. Our specialists shared insights and advice on how to:

  • Identify, attract and retain the right successors for your practice
  • Fund those exiting the firm
  • Deal with the consequences of insufficient planning

Presenter: Max Masters

KPIs and forecasting within professional practices

Understanding, ranking and measuring the KPIs that are critical to your practice is essential. Our specialists showed you how to:

  • Use forecasting tools to build scenarios around different departments
  • Stress test the scenarios to see the overall impact on the firm and cashflow
  • Model the impact on cashflow of changes in KPIs

Presenter: Richard Spofforth

Poll results and additional resources

During our live webinar, we asked our audience to complete a number of poll questions to get their views on relevant topics. These polls relate specifically to the insights being shared in the webinar, and you can view the results by clicking below. There were also a number of statistics and data points shared during the webinar, and we’ve provided links below to the original sources so you can view the data in more detail. We’ve also provided some related insights, which are related to the topics explored during the webinar, which you can read in full by clicking below.

RevealPoll 1: As a professional practise, how often do you review your firm's succession plan?

RevealPoll 2: Which KPI do you think is most important for your professional practice?

RevealPoll 3: How often do you publish a comprehensive set of KPIs for your professional practice?

If you would like more information about the topics covered in this webinar, please contact us today.

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